PhD candidate/Postdoc position Molecular Immunology

Are you looking for a PhD position or postdoctoral position in molecular immunology? Do you have an interest in innate immune mechanisms? Then join our research group at the Department of Immunohematology & Blood transfusion.

In short
  •  A PhD position or postdoc position is available in molecular immunology
  • You will use a molecular approach to study the molecular aspects of innate immune mechanisms that control viral infection and sterile inflammation
  • Your work is relevant to autoinflammatory diseases, autoimmune disorders, and anti-tumor immunity
  • We are looking for an outstanding and driven candidate to strengthen our team
What we do:

The innate immune system is crucial to protect the body against pathogens. On the other hand, innate immune mechanisms are sometimes unintentionally activated by self-derived ligands. Such a sterile inflammatory response occurs in auto-inflammatory and autoimmune disorders and it is a hallmark of the tumor microenvironment. How does the innate immune system discriminate between the body's own molecules and microbial ones to ensure an effective immune response against invaders while avoiding self-directed inflammation? What are the molecular mechanisms that suppress unwanted activation of innate immunity? How can we harness sterile inflammation to boost the body's anti-tumor immune response? If you are interested in these fundamental questions, come and strengthen our team! We are using molecular, biochemical and cell-based approaches in our research. The advertised project focuses on nucleic acid sensing and the type I interferon response and has a strong molecular basis. The lab is embedded within the department of Immunohematology & Blood transfusion and closely collaborates with the Cell and Chemical Biology department at the LUMC.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for an excellent and ambitious candidate with an MSc degree or PhD in Biomedical Sciences or a related field, and with a proven track record of achievement. Experience in the field of molecular biology and/or (innate) immunity is an absolute must. Knowledge of the ubiquitin system and/or genetic screening is desirable. A suitable candidate is driven, able to work independently as well as in a multi-disciplinary team, and has outstanding organizational skills. We expect a pro-active and goal-oriented attitude and are looking for someone that can drive multiple aspects of a project. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English are essential. Post-docs are strongly encouraged to apply for post-doctoral fellowships shortly before or after joining the group.

In your application, please enclose a CV as well as a cover letter in which you motivate your reasons to apply for this position. Please submit applications via the LUMC portal. For more information, contact: Annemarthe van der Veen,