Sjaak Neefjes appointed as Van Loghem Laureate 2015

NKI researcher and ICI scientific director Sjaak Neefjes will give the Van Loghem Lecture 2015 at the annual meeting of the Dutch Society for Immunology on Wednesday December 16th, 2015. With this, Neefjes joins the rank of renowned Dutch immunologists who previously received this honor.

"It is nice that, being a cell biologist and chemist, people also see me as an immunologist,", says Neefjes. "That is an important theme within my work: I try to connect these three research fields. An important focus within my lecture will be the cell biology of our immune system, and how insights into the biology of immune cells offer possibilities to manipulate the immune response. This can have consequences for immune disorders - in which the immune system needs to be slowed down - as well as for infectious diseases and cancer, in which case the immune system needs to be stimulated."