Tenure Tracks

The Institute for Chemical Immunology aims to appoint 4 young promising scientists in tenure track positions at the participating hosts institutes. The first ICI tenure track position was awarded in 2016 to Martijn Verdoes. 

Martijn Verdoes (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Always on the lookout to learn something new, Martijn Verdoes has steadily expanded his horizons. Working from a basis in organic synthesis, he has gradually added a whole array of biological techniques to his portfolio. With a recent ERC Starting Grant and the first ICI Tenure Track under his belt, he is now all set to tackle a range of interesting research ideas. “I don’t believe in a magic bullet when it comes to a complex disease like cancer. We need multiple lines of attack.” - Martijn verdoes was interviewed for the second ICI bulletin. The full interview can be read also here.