Call for tenure track positions in chemical immunology 2016

The Institute for Chemical Immunology (ICI) has three tenure track positions available, to be appointed in the Fall of 2016. Ambitious researchers with a background in chemistry, immunology, or both, and with a demonstrable interest to pursue high-quality research at the interface of chemistry and immunology are invited to apply. The ICI, together with the founding institutions in the Netherlands that created the ICI, offer attractive start-up packages as well as an inspiring research environment, with key expertise and excellent facilities in chemistry and immunology for breakthrough science in the newly created field of chemical immunology.

ICI background and profile of ICI Tenure Track candidates
The Institute of Chemical Immunology (ICI) is a Dutch, nation-wide multidisciplinary research institute that conducts innovative chemical biology research with immunological questions as its focus. Founded in 2014 and funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Science and Education (Gravitation Program), the ICI combines the strengths of the chemistry departments at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC), Leiden University (organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, bioorganic chemistry) and the Bijvoet Center at Utrecht University (Bijvoet-UU, analytical chemistry, structural biology) with the molecular and cellular immunology strongholds at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in Amsterdam and the Radboud University Medical Center (RUNMC) in Nijmegen. In addition, the ICI has partnerships with key researchers at the Leiden University Medical Center, the Academic Medical Center (University of Amsterdam) and the University Medical Center Utrecht. The ICI aims at the development of new strategies, tools and techniques, rooted at one side in chemistry and fundamentally linked to outstanding immunological questions, to create new solutions for immune-related diseases. The ICI has chosen as its focal areas rheumatology (silencing of undesired immune reactions) and immuno-oncology (enhancement of desired immune reactions). The ICI supports its interdisciplinary research program through the establishment of a bi-disciplinary PhD educational program.
Currently the ICI is seeking to strengthen its research activities through the recruitment of three Tenure Track researchers. Candidates should have a strong monodisciplinary background in one of the sciences that are at the basis of the ICI. In chemistry these are: synthetic organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, structural chemistry and (bio)polymer chemistry. In Immunology these include, but are not restricted to, immune-related research on cancer and rheumatology. Preferred candidates have a demonstrable affinity to research at the interface of chemistry and immunology, in the context of a major biological or biomedical research question.

What we offer
A tenure track position for a period of five years is offered, in principle on the level of assistant professor. The ICI further offers a start-up package of 1 technician position and a contribution to investment in equipment up to 300 kEuro. Candidates selected for an ICI TT position are further invited to negotiate with the founding institutes (LIC, NKI, Bijvoet-UU, RUNMC) a further start-up package. Continuation of the position following the initial 5-year period is subject to career evaluation and development plans as in place at the hosting institute, and supported by evaluation by an ICI appointed committee.

Candidates interested in an ICI TT position are invited to send a letter of application to the attention of Prof. Dr. Jacques Neefjes, chair of the ICI board, at the email address, before August 15, 2016. Applications should include 1) a curriculum vitae, 2) a motivation letter, 2) a research plan (three pages maximum) and 4) three referees (names and addresses). The research plan should include up to 5 keywords and is expected to describe the development of an independent research line, how the approaches used will bring the scientific knowledge beyond the current state of the art, what the preferred host institute would be (see above for institutions participating in ICI), how embedding in the host institute is foreseen and how the research will integrate aspects of both chemistry and immunology. The motivation letter should mention a track record in and/or plans for attracting additional funding for the research of the candidate.