Chemical Immunology Conference 2015

On Friday March 6, 2015, the first Chemical Immunology Conference of the Institute for Chemical Immunology took place in the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam.

Over 80 scientists from all partners, as well as several other interested people from other institutes, participated in an inspiring day. After an opening by Sjaak Neefjes, scientific director of the ICI, there were presentations by several ICI scientists (Ton Schumacher, Ferry Ossendorp, Sander van Kasteren, Celia Berkers and Floris van Delft), as well as three internationally renowned invited speakers, Roderich Süssmuth of the TU Berlin, Christoph Driessen of the Kantonsspital St.Gallen and Harald Stenmark of the University of Oslo.


  • Ton Schumacher (NKI, Amsterdam): "From cleavable peptides - towards novel cancer immunotherapies”
  • Roderich Süssmuth (TU Berlin, Germany): “Peptide antibiotics in bacterial host pathogen interactions”    
  • Ferry Ossendorp (LUMC, Leiden): “Synthetic cancer vaccines: from molecular design to clinical trial”
  • Christoph Driessen (Kantonsspital St.Gallen, Switzerland): “Small-molecule protease inhibitors for therapy of cancer and autoimmune diseases”
  • Sander van Kasteren (UL, Leiden): “Bioorthogonal deprotection on the dendritic cell surface allows chemical control of antigen cross-presentation”
  • Celia Berkers (UU, Utrecht): “Targeting metabolic resistance to proteasome inhibitor therapy”
  • Floris van Delft  (SynAffix, Oss): "Stable and homogeneous antibody conjugates by chemoenzymatic glycan remodeling-click chemistry"
  • Harald Stenmark (University of Oslo, Norway): "ER-endosome contacts in control of endosome translocation and cellular protrusions"