Research projects

The Institute for Chemical Immunology has many research projects in which chemically and immunologically trained PhD students and postdocs collaborate and which cover a wide variety of topics in chemical immunology. Below is an overview of all current research projects and the scientists involved:

Project Title Researchers
ICI00001 Exploring crosstalk between CLRs and TLRs using single molecule vaccines
ICI00002 Mechanisms of action of Ubiquitin-like modifier ISG15 in immune regulation
ICI00003 Dissection of the cancer MHC ligandome
ICI00004 Development of next generation antibody-drug conjugates
ICI00005 Understanding and modulating anthracyclin-induced immunogenic death
ICI00006 Polymer based synthetic dendritic cells
ICI00007 Organization of molecular complexes in immune cells
ICI00011 Turning tumor glycans into anticancer vaccines
ICI00012 Novel approaches to study the effects of hypoxic ROS in Systemic sclerosis etiology
ICI00013 Multipurpose Pluribodies
ICI00014 Exploiting T cell metabolism as a target for therapeutic intervention
ICI00015 Visualization of vitamin A metabolism
ICI00016 Specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators: sources and targets in acute and chronic inflammation
ICI00017 In vivo tracking of T cell epitopes from synthetic tumor vaccines
ICI00018 Visualizing macromolecular complexes in MHC antigen presentation
ICI00019 Trojan horses for antigen-specific B cell targeting in RA
ICI00020 Development and understanding anthracycline anti-cancer tools and drugs for chemoimmunotherapy
ICI00021 Mechanisms of self-antigen expression in tolerance inducing lymph node stromal cells
ICI00022 Personalized profiling of patients serum autoantibodies linked to rheumatoid arthritis
ICI00023 The chemistry of complement-tetraspanin interactions during host defense
ICI00024 Tunable synthetic immune niches
ICI00025 Exploiting metabolism for therapeutic intervention in regulatory T cells
ICI00026 Finding and manipulating ubiquitylation of Rab GTPases in endosomal traffic and immunity
ICI00027 Probing and harnessing the tumor cell glycocalyx with click chemistry to improve immunotherapy
ICI00028 Targeting inhibitory checkpoints on autoreactive B-cells to silence autoimmunity
ICI00029 Crosstown-Traffic - elucidation of lysosomal biogenesis, repair and death during macrophage responses
ICI00030 Visualizing lipid metabolism in multiple sclerosis
ICI00031 Amsterdam-Leiden-Nijmegen vaccine consortium: synthetic peptide conjugates for cancer therapy
ICI00032 The Development of Photochemical Tools for In Vivo Microglial Activation to Control and Study Microglia-Neuron Crosstalk in Space and Time
ICI00033 Cell adhesion molecules as receptors in virally induced neuroinflammation
ICI00034 Targeting immunometabolism of the enteric glial cell in Parkinson's disease: the gate way to the brain
ICI00035 The Role and Effect of Pathogenic Amyloid Proteins on Neutrophil Extracellular Trap formation in the Central Nervous System
ICI00036 Innate immune activation and sterile inflammation in microglia in human brain