Kim Bonger

Tenure Tracker
Executive Advisory Board member
IMM / Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Associate professor

Kim Bonger obtained her M.Sc degree in synthetic organic chemistry from the Free University in Amsterdam in 2002. In 2008 she received her PhD from Leiden University working under the supervision of Dr. M. Timmers (Organon NV), Prof. Dr. Gijs van der Marel and Prof. Dr. Hermen Overkleeft on the design and synthesis of dimeric ligands for G-protein coupled receptors involved in human reproduction. She then spend almost four years as a postdoc at Stanford University to learn about molecular and cell biology in the laboratory of Thomas Wandless where she developed molecular tools to control protein stability. She then returned to the Netherlands in 2013 as an assistant professor in Chemical Biology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Her current research focusses on the development of chemical approaches to target specific dysfunctional cells for imaging and therapeutic applications. In addition, she is interested in the fundamental understanding of post translational modifications of proteins, such as citrullination and carbamoylation, and how these contribute to (im)proper cell functioning and (auto)immune diseases. Kim currently holds a tenure track position at the Institute for Chemical Immunology and is recipient of several national and international research grants and awards including a HFSP Cross-Disciplinary Grant, a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant and an ERC Starting Grant.