ICI Conference 2024

This year we celebrate 10 years of ICI! And how better to celebrate than with another exciting ICI conference? Following the successful conferences of the last years, ICI will host the 2024 Chemical Immunology Conference on June 28th, at Naturalis biodiversity center in Leiden.

Registration is now open, so please mark your calendar and sign up! Registration deadline: May 31th 2024.


The line-up of speakers for the 2024 ICI conference will again cover the true diversity of chemical immunology. We are happy to announced we have confirmed multiple highly interesting speakers:
Firstly, prof. Dr. Dario Neri, Institute of pharmaceuticals science Zurich and CEO/CSO of Philogen is known for the engineering of therapeutic antibodies for the therapy of cancer and other angiogenesis-related disorders and on the development of DNA-encoded chemical libraries. Secondly, we are happy to confirmed Dr. Lingyin Li from Stanford University School of Medicine. Li’s research focus on the use of chemical biology to uncover biochemical mechanism in innate immunity and, in parallel, she aims to develop novel therapeutics targeting these pathways. Furthermore, prof. Dr. Sophie Janssens - Gent University, who is known from here work on the role of the unfolded protein response (UPR) in immune cells, while more recently her team focusses on distinguishing homeostatic from immunogenic DC maturation programs. We are happy to welcome Dr. Madeline Kavanagh, a freshly started assistant professor of chemical biology at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry, at our conference. Here main research focus is the developing of chemical probes and drugs that exploit unconventional mechanisms of action to target historically undruggable proteins, and use these probes to study immune cell function. Last but definitely not least, we are happy to share prof. Dr. Mike Dustin, University of Oxford accepted our invitation. His research teams focusses on the specialized functions of the immunological synapse in cytotoxic- and regulatory T cells and translations of these findings to treatment of human diseases.

PhD student talks and poster session

Similar to last year, there will be two slots for PhD student talks. ICI PhD students (mandatory) and other interested students can submit an abstract before April 12th 2024. At the end of April, we will announce which abstracts are selected for a presentation, all others are invited (mandatory for ICI PhD students) to present a poster.

Unable to attend?

Did you signed up, but are unfortunately unable to attend? To make your spot available for someone else, and to prevent cost and/or food waste, please inform us by email (ICI@lumc.nl) before date June 14th 2024.