7 November 2018
Van der Stelt
Inaugural Lecture Professor Mario van der Stelt

Chemist Mario van der Stelt was appointed Professor of Molecular Physiology at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry with effect from 1 November 2017. On Friday October 19th 2018 he gave his inaugural lecture entitled Body's own marijuana: inspiration for drug research. 

The full lecture (in Dutch) can be found here.



21 September 2018
Prof. Hidde Ploegh appointed Jon J. van Rood Chair in Chemical Immunology

Prof. Hidde Ploegh has been appointed professor Chemical Immunology, in particular biochemistry of the immune system, at the LUMC. He will take on the Jon J. van Rood Chair effective as of September 1st.

30 August 2018
Design and control of biobetter EPO

Improved method for quality control of biopharmaceuticals

3 July 2018
Professor Albert Heck is to receive two international distinctions

ICI Executive Board member Albert Heck (Utrecht University) is to receive two international distinctions this summer for his work in biochemistry and mass spectrometry: the prestigious Sir Hans Krebs Medal and the Thomson Medal and Prize. 'It is a wonderful and special honour, especially since they are two completely different awards.'

20 April 2018
Hermen Overkleeft member KNAW

On September 17th, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) will install 21 new members, including ICI executive board member Hermen Overkleeft (Leiden University). Since its inception, the Academy has been a learned society of outstanding Dutch scientists and scholars. Membership is awarded on the basis of scientific and scholarly achievement. Members are appointed for life

6 April 2018
Second ERC grant for Piet Gros

What determines cell fate?

5 April 2018
Publication: Nanovaccines through adjuvant‐induced tumor antigen assembly

Vaccination is a powerful strategy to induce the activation of tumor‐specific effector immune cells, which is key for successful immunotherapy. However, the generation of effective anticancer nanovaccines is challenging. One of these challenges is the efficient co-encapsulation of antigenic peptides or proteins together with antigen-presenting cell activating adjuvants because of their differential physicochemical properties.

23 February 2018
Vici grant for Mario van der Stelt

ICI researcher Mario van der Stelt (Leiden University) has been awarded a prestigious Vici grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). He receives 1.5 million Euro to develop his own research project (The body's own marijuana) in the coming 5 years.

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19 February 2018
Unexpected immune activation illustrated in the cold

Researchers at Utrecht University and Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands, have for the first time made a picture of an important on-switch of our immune system. Their novel technical approach already led to the discovery of not one, but two ways in which the immune system can be activated. This kind of new insights are important for designing better therapies against infections or cancer, according to team leaders Piet Gros and Thom Sharp. Their findings are published on February 16, 2018 in the journal Science.

9 February 2018
Celia Berkers appointed as Professor of Metabolomics

On 1 February Utrecht University has appointed ICI researcher Celia Berkers as Professor of Metabolomics at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Science (Department of Chemistry).
Berkers will mainly focus on metabolism research in order to better understand the role of metabolic processes in health and disease.
Are you curious about her story and her future plans? Then view the portrait of Celia.